Practice Areas

Accounts Preparation


Statutory and non-statutory financial statements will be prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Non-statutory financial statements can be prepared under the cash basis if eligible.

Financial Statements can be tagged with iXBRL for ease of filing with HMRC.



Completion and filing of self-assessment returns, including any required supplementary pages. We will tell you how much you must pay to HMRC in respect of income tax, NIC's and capital gains tax.

Completion of a corporation tax computation and filing of corporation tax returns. We will tell you how much corporation tax your company should pay and when.



Preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual VAT returns.

Review of suitability of different VAT accounting schemes for your business: cash basis, annual, flat rate scheme.


All businesses are required by HMRC to keep accurate and adequate records. We can take the hassle of this away from you by providing bookkeeping services on professional bookkeeping software.

Completion of any or all of the following as required: cash book, sales ledger, purchase ledge, nominal ledger, period end journals, bank and ledger reconciliations.

We are a Xero Partner and can also work with you on a range of other accounting software.

Management Accounts


Working  with you to develop a management accounts and reporting pack on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you monitor the performance of your business.

Cash Flow Forecasting


Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. It is crucial to understand the short term and long term cash flow needs of your business to be able to plan accordingly and take any required action.



Robust financial forecasts and budgets are key to understanding the financial performance of a business and measuring its success.

Actual financial performance should be measured and against budgets and forecasts and variances understood and explained. This variance analysis should be used to reforecast for the rest of the accounting period, thus enabling you to always have a view of the business' expected turnover, profit and balance sheet position.

KPI Reporting


A suite of KPI's will help you make informed decisions on the running of their business.

KPI's will support the management accounts and give more in depth understanding of the numbers.

These may be produced weekly, monthly or quarterly to best suit your needs.

Business Cases


Business cases can be required in a number of different scenarios, for example; obtaining financing, decision making on launching new products or changing pricing structures, capital expenditure

We can help you build a financial business case to secure financing and to ensure decisions are made on an informed financial basis.